Wet Weather Challenge – 9 Hole Match

If you live in a country that gets a lot of rain like the United Kingdom does, a good, quality set of waterproofs is a must. This is why Galvin Green decided to challenge Golf Monthly‘s Neil Tappin and Joel Tadman to a nine-hole match against one another in the worst conditions they could find.

The London Club’s International course was the location.

For this match Joel was wearing an Ashton Shakedry Jacket which has a Gore-Tex membrane to help keep you dry. It is an extremely thin garment which is made from a fabric that allows water to bead off really quickly.

He was also wearing the Arthur trousers and the Axiom Gore-Tex waterproof hat.

Neil was wearing the Galvin Green Al jacket which is also a Gore-Tex jacket that has the C-Knit design unique to the brand. This C-Knit technology means it should slide over the clothes you are wearing effortlessly and this also means you should be able to swing freely.

He was then wearing the Axel trousers and the Ark hat.

So what were the conclusions drawn from the nine-hole match in terrible conditions?

Well some tips for playing in the rain include having several spare gloves if you don’t have any specifically designed rain gloves. Also try and keep towels dry by putting them in your bag or under your umbrella.

What did the two players think of their garments?

Both players admitted that they were kept remarkably dry by their clothes especially in terms of the two jackets they were wearing and the hats.

In short the investment in a quality waterproof suit will mean you are best prepared for whatever weather that gets thrown at you.

What was the result of the match?

Well we think you might have to watch until the end of the video to find out!

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