8 Oldest Golf Clubs On Tour

Professional golfers regularly change equipment each year due to technological advancements and their contracts with manufacturers.

However, some players tend to keep faith in older equipment and data from Sports Marketing Surveys from this year’s KLM Open show that plenty of pros still trust old products.

Below and in the video above we look at 8 of the oldest golf clubs on Tour…

Number 8:

Golfer: Pedro Oriol

Club: TaylorMade Rocketballz 3 wood

Release: February, 2012

Iconic golf equipment

Released in early 2012, TaylorMade ensured there was a lot of excitement for this club. Oriol has a 15 degree 3-wood with a Fujikura shaft. TaylorMade’s selling point was distance and they claimed that this wood was going much further compared to older generations – it certainly works for Oriol.

Number 7

Golfer: David Drysdale

Club: Callaway RAZR X Tour Irons

Release: February, 2011

Drysdale has these irons from 5 through to pitching wedge, opting to utilise his Titleist 712 Utility Iron for his three and four irons.

Number 6

Golfer: Tapio Pulkkanen

Club: Callaway RAZR Hawk 3 Wood

Release: February, 2011

If you’re a Callaway fan then I’m sure you can’t forget the manner in which this club was revealed, launching in conjunction with Lamborghini. Both Callaway and Lamborghini combined to create a new material called forged composite which was lightweight and strong. This club provided further strength, speed and performance benefits than what was available at the time.

Number 5

Golfer: Simon Dyson

Club: Nike VR Pro Combo Irons

Release: November, 2010

Dyson was a Nike staff player, where he would have played Nike clubs from driver through to putter. His irons are fitted with Nippon NS ProShafts. Having played with Nike all his career, it’s not too surprising that Dyson found a set he could rely on.

Number 4

Golfer: Richard Bland

Club: TaylorMade Burner SuperFast fairway wood

Release: February, 2010

Bland has it in a 5 wood with 18 degrees of loft and a Mitsubishi Diamana Blueboard Plus Shaft. It’s possible that this was a limited edition and with the age of the club, it’s difficult to say that it’ll be leaving his bag any time soon.

Number 3

Golfer: Mark Reynolds

Club: Cleveland Launcher DST Driver

Release: November, 2009

This is our only driver on the list. Compared to the previous Launcher, the sound this driver produces is astonishing. Reynolds has it with a 10.5 degree loft and a Miyazaki Kusala 6 X Shaft.

Number 2

Golfer: Felipe Aguilar

Club: TaylorMade Rescue TP Hybrid

Release: 2008

The classic TaylorMade TP rescue from 2008. A lot of GM readers will have had this in the bag.

Number 1

Golfer: Oscar Serna

Club: Nike Slingshot 2 Iron

Release: 2003

This is the original release. This golf club is 15-years-old but the Mexican golfer still opts for it to elongate its stay in his bag. Serna has an Aldila NV 65 X Shaft and it would not be unheard of if the Tour vans out on the course have a replacement shaft in case it needs remedying.