Honma Custom Fitting Experience…Revealed!

At the beginning of the year, Honma signed Justin Rose and many golfers may not have heard of the brand, even though they have been around making golf clubs for a number of years.

In the video above we focus on Honma as a brand and see what they have to offer for 2019, which is slightly different to many other brands. Watch as Neil Tappin gets fitted for Honma’s TW747 driver and TW747 Vx irons.

“Honma is very much about the craftsmanship that’s involved with making golf clubs,” Honma custom fitting specialist Luke Peterken said.

Was Justin Rose Right To Move To Honma Justin Rose signs with Honma Golf

Justin Rose signed with Honma in January

“So for example 60 years this year is how long the business has been running

“The biggest difference I would say is for sure the craftsmanship involved with how we build our products, and the advantage of everything pretty much being handmade, especially our graphite shafts is tolerance levels can be so, so much tighter, meaning that you order something in a certain loft and a certain weight and a certain flex, you can trust that it’s going to be really, really close to that spec when it arrives.”

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The custom fitting process sees a very interesting adjusting technique where the driver face can be manipulated (ie face angle, lie angle, loft) without the shaft twisting. This is done so the spine of the shaft remains where it should be. Watch the video above for the full info.

Honma makes (and hand rolls) all of its shafts so that’s why you’ll see Justin Rose using a Honma shaft unique to anyone out on Tour and not a regular branded one like Project X or Mitsubishi or Fujikura.

What Neil Tappin said after his fitting –

‘It’s a really interesting process how Honma do it. If you want to get a feel for what Honma are and what they do, take a look at their golf clubs and the range as a whole.

The shelf appeal of the TW747, the driver I was fitted for, is very simple, very classic, not too much visible technology that is distracting. And that’s important because what Honma are offering golfers is a high level of performance based on the quality and the hand craftsmanship that goes into the component parts. A lot of that is down to the shafts.

I do understand the importance of consistency and when you get a driver that is kitted exactly as it should be and exactly how the R&D department want it to be and the fitter want it to be, there is surely a gain to be had for the average golfer.

There’s a whole host of shafts available to you but they’re slightly different to what other shaft brands on the market offer. They’re very stiff and light, whilst controllable for the faster swinger. 

I was really impressed by the way the shafts performed, felt really consistent and stable. Its a matter of feel and the ball flight, seeing the consistently with the ball getting up in the air and staying up in the air whilst remaining controllable.

I’m not going to tell you which iron I leaned towards but one thing I found really interesting was the feel between all three was very good and very consistent.

If you’re looking for a more consistent head, you’re still going to get fantastic feel.

They’re quite strong-lofted but Honma have done some interesting work with the heads, the launch angles and the spin rates to ensure fantastic consistency. You should find you get a different type of performance to other irons on the market.

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From my early testing and the custom fitting I’ve been through, the results were interesting and the consistency hitting into greens was very good.’

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