Adrienne Engleman

Adrienne Engleman

Top 50 Coach

Location: Colmworth GC

Adrienne has playing and coaching professionally for over 30 years and she is now a PGA Fellow Professional which puts her in the top one per cent of PGA Members who has been accorded that status. She previously played on the Ladies European Tour for over a decade. 

Greatest teacher:

As an amateur - and then as a player on the LET - I was taught to play (better) golf by the likes of Mickey Walker, Denis Pugh, Luther Blacklock and David Leadbetter. However, when I was an assistant PGA professional - learning my trade as a golf teacher - my first head PGA professional was (and still is) simply the greatest teacher I have ever known.

Jimmy was enthusiastic, engaging and enlightening, and his widespread know-how of golf and golf instruction - and how to connect with and truly inspire his students - was second to none. Jimmy would captivate his audience with ease and at that time his contemporary growth mindset was utterly infectious. I am deeply indebted to Jimmy for his help with my professional development and for his support in my becoming the impassioned golf teacher I am today.

Most common impact fault:

Incorrect weight distribution (i.e. leaning back through impact). So, I simply place a (model makers) matchstick in front of the golf ball and ask my students to ‘strike’ the match… and it works like a dream!)

Greatest teaching story:

John Willis, the founder and CEO of Power2Inspire, was born without fully formed arms and legs. As a 'direct result' (John’s words, not mine!) of engaging in lessons with me - John is now striking the golf ball 100+ yards and is regularly enjoying playing the game at his local Par 3 course.