£4,000 Honma Beres Driver Review

What does a £4,000 driver look like and how does it perform? That’s what we found out.

Honma is a brand known for producing high end, premium golf equipment but it also has a sub-brand/franchise called Beres which is designed to be ultra-premium.

If you thought Honma was expensive, Beres takes it to a whole new level with customisation and its component parts.

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In the video above, Neil Tappin gets fit for the super-premium offering from Honma – the Beres.

“We are very much offering performance, with luxury,” Honma Fitting Specialist Luke Peterken told us.

“As you see there, it’s completely gold the clubhead, as is the shaft. In the ferrel you’ve got gold bands, platinum bands so it’s very much the luxury side of things.

“We’ve got 24 carat gold sprinkled pretty much throughout the whole of this golf club.

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“You start from 2 star, all the way up to 5. The biggest difference is in the shaft quality, so the shaft basically gets better and better and better in the sense that when we measure elasticity of tensile rating in graphite shafts, which is basically how quickly your graphite fibres can return to their original state., he rating gets better and better and better the higher star rating you go, meaning that it’s basically designed to be even tighter dispersion-wise as you go.

“We use more glass fibres in the higher star ratings, so again to make it that little bit stable and a little bit firmer.

“You can have your name engraved in the clubhead, you can have your name engraved in the shaft, you could change the colours. If this gold was a little bit too blingy for you, you could change that to – we’ve got a selection of about 10-12 colours in both clubhead and shaft as well.

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“Let’s say you were looking at a five star set of these, all in gold, you’d be maybe £60k+ for a set of 10-12 golf clubs.”

For our full review of the Honma Beres driver, watch the video at the top of the page.

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