How to increase your swing speed video

Many of today’s golfers are so fascinated with hitting the ball farther that they are willing to spend hundreds on both golf lessons and also on the latest drivers that manufacturers assure their buyers are their longest yet. However, what many people overlook is that in less than a month they could easily add 30-40 yards to their drives with only a little basic swing speed training. Let’s face it, swing speed matters when it comes to distance. When you consider that every day golfers swing at 70-95 mph and Tour pros swing at 105-130 mph, and the professional long distance drivers swing 135 mph to upwards of 150 mph, it’s easy to see why people hit the ball different distances.

If you want to increase your swing speed, you need sound golf swing fundamentals. However, you also need to understand where power comes from in the golf swing. And it doesn’t necessarily come from swinging harder. Here are three things to work on.

1 Levers

Think of your wrists as levers in the golf swing. They hinge on the way back, just after you have taken the club away, and they should remain hinged until just before impact. If you release this angle in your wrists too early, you’ll be ‘casting’ the club and wasting energy. Your levers provide a last minute burst of energy through impact so try to hold onto the angle for as long as possible. Here’s a full explanation of how the release works…

2 Lower body v upper body

The next area to focus on is your rotation. The simple explanation here is that your upper body should rotate against your lower body. So whilst your upper body turns 90˚ (so your back faces the target at the top), your hips only rotate 45˚. The difference between these angles is what creates torque and power in the swing.

3 Create Lag

Lag is the secret ingredient in the golf swing that turns a seemingly smooth swing into real power. Simply put, lag refers to the angle between the shaft and your left forearm in the downswing. The bigger the angle, the more lag and ultimately the more ‘whip’ you’ll get through the ball. As you release the angle in your elbow and then the angle in your wrist, you will increase your swing speed through impact.

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Of course, you will also increase your swing speed by becoming stronger through your core muscles and increasing your flexibility. But these technical points illustrate that the club needs to work in a certain way to generate real power!