Golf tips: How to avoid skied drives

If you suffer with skied drives this simple and effective drill will help you find the middle of the clubface once more

skied drives

In this lesson, Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach Andrew Jones explains how to avoid skied drives by making some changes at address

How to avoid skied drives

There are a number of causes behind a skied drive but the underlying problem is having too much weight on your left side through impact. As your body gets ahead of the ball, the angle of attack becomes too steep and the ball comes into contact with the very top of the club.

Firstly, in the address position check that your ball position isn't too far back, your hands aren't too far forward (ahead of the ball) and the clubface isn't closed. These are your first three checkpoints. Often, if you have been playing in the wing and wanting to keep your drives down, this can be a set up position you fall into. Try to get yourself back into a more neutral position.

Now practice hitting a series of shots keeping 60% of your weight on your right side throughout. This should help to shallow out your angle of attack into the golf ball. Try to strike the ball on the up swing.

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Another drill worth trying is to tee the ball further forward at address by an inch or so. You can also peg the ball up higher than usual. The only way to strike it cleanly in this scenario is keep your weight in a more neutral position through the downswing. Once you are happy with the contact you are producing, move the ball back but try to keep that same feeling of staying behind it through impact. This should shallow off your angle of attack helping you find the middle of the clubface once again.

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