What Is The Hardest Hole At Augusta National?

We take a look at the stats that show which hole at Augusta National plays as the hardest...

hardest hole at augusta national
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We take a look at the stats that show which hole at Augusta National plays as the hardest...

What Is The Hardest Hole At Augusta National?

Augusta National is known for being a very difficult golf course with some of its par-4s being, quite frankly, brutally tough.

There are plenty of birdies to be had around the course but there are a at least a handful of holes where par is a great score.

So, what is the toughest of the holes on the golf course?

Statistically speaking, the 10th hole has played as the hardest hole in Masters history.

The 495 yard par-4 has an average score of 4.3 throughout the tournaments over the years.

Its highest average was 4.69 in 1956 and its lowest average score was just 4.08 in 2018.

Augusta National Hardest Hole

The 10th requires a draw shot off the tee with the tricky green guarded by bunkers on the right and a huge drop off to the left.

For the 2021 tournament, the par-4 5th hole was playing as the course's most difficult hole after the opening round.

The 5th was lengthened by some 40 yards to 495 yards ahead of the 2019 tournament, turning it into arguably the hardest hole on the property.

It has one of the most difficult greens on the golf course as well as two very penal bunkers on the left side of the fairway.

In the 2020 tournament is played as the hardest hole for the week, averaging a score of 4.272

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Another difficult hole at Augusta is the par-4 11th, measuring 505 yards.

The dogleg-right requires an accurate drive before an approach into the green that is guarded by water to the left and bunkers.

Many players play out safe to the right with the hope of getting their ball up-and-down for a much-appreciated par.

What is the easiest hole at Augusta National?

The easiest hole at The Masters is the par-5 15th, which has an average score of 4.77.

At 530 yards it is easily reachable for the world's best players with a drive and mid-to-long iron.

Sergio Garcia famously eagled it on the way to victory in 2017, when his 8 iron approach struck the flag.

The easiest hole for the 2020 Masters was the 575 yard par-5 2nd hole, which had an average score of 4.467.

There were 12 eagles on the hole along with 159 birdies.

The second-easiest hole was the 15th at 4.601 and it had 14 eagles but also seven scores of double bogey or worse, thanks to the pond in front of the green.