GM Top 25 coach Keith Williams has some tips for warming up with your driver


5 Ways To Practise Driving

1 Learn your shot shape

On the range you should cultivate your natural shot, as this will be the easiest one for you to repeat and execute under pressure on the course.

Choose a specific target and check that your set-up and aim are aligned to allow you to hit that natural shape.

Selecting your most accurate tee shot club is important, too, so don’t be frightened to go for a 3- or 5-wood if necessary.

2 Don’t get technical

Before a competition round, I’d advise against getting too technical and worrying over certain positions.

Rather, focus on the basics, such as alignment and ball position.

Then, aim for quality over quantity.

Hit a maximum of 20 drives.

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3 Three basics

Concentrate on completing your turn in the backswing, a good weight shift and finishing in a balanced position with your body fully turned towards the target.

4 Different ball flights

Being able to adapt your ball flight to variable conditions is a prerequisite of successful golfers.

Hit a few drives with the ball teed up higher, and a few lower, and you’ll be better prepared.

5 Replicate on-course routine

Avoid pounding drive after drive.

Take a step back, vary your targets and give every shot your full attention.

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Photography: Kevin Murray. Shot on location at Lumine, Spain

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