5 steps to positive thinking

Steve Ward explains his 5 steps to positive thinking

Imagine if you could access the feelings of playing your best golf whenever you wanted. Imagine if just before that difficult approach shot you could recall the feelings of confidence, positiveness and focus you'd experienced when playing a fantastic shot in the past. Well you can, with a technique known as "anchoring". This is essentially the development of a "trigger" or "switch" which when applied creates an automatic emotional or behavioural response.

Below I show you how to create an "anchor". It can be a word, an image, an action or even a smell which you can turn on like

a switch to create the positive feelings you require when you step onto the golf course.

5 points to positive thinking

1 Choose a word, image or physical action that will be your "trigger". It might even be a piece of equipment/clothing/object or a smell.

2 Recall a time when you were playing really well, whether a particular day, hole or shot. See yourself there. Notice all that you could see. What sounds were there? How did it feel?

3 When the feeling is intense use your "trigger" and hold this thought for about five seconds. Shake and relax to break your state.

4 Repeat this sequence 5 -10 times, either with the same experience or with different ones until the "trigger" begins to work for you.

5 Think of a time in the future when you want to access this positive state. Imagine going forward to that time. "Fire" your "trigger", notice those positive feelings coming back and then spend a few minutes visualising performing well.

Practise this process a few times to build the strength of your "trigger". Then when you want to access that positive state simply "fire" your "trigger" and feel the difference.

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