Black Box Recorder Technique: Part 2

Learn this technique and on-course (and off-course) distractions will become a thing of the past. Mental golf expert Gary Leboff shows you how to achieve perfect focus whenever you need it by using the Black Box technique

Black Box

There’s a second part to the exercise that takes just a moment more. If you ignore it, the distraction may creep back in. More significantly, two items cannot go in the Black Box at once. It must be cleared if you want to reuse it.

Go back inside. Return to that armchair and your favourite view. Open the box and extract your sheet of paper. How do you feel now about what you’ve written? (Very little, I suspect). Turn your chair back around and enjoy the view one more time.

The Black Box Recorder has many applications. Use it at work, at home or on the course. I know what you’re thinking – “That’s never going to work!” I get the same reaction from everyone I take through the process. But it does work – always.

Where next?

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