Do you lack consistency on the greens? If so, a new approach could help. Here is our look at the new Kotahi putter grip and method

Kotahi putter grip and method

Your hands are your only point of contact with the golf club and whether you are hitting full shots or playing delicate greenside chips and putts, they need to provide you with control over the clubface.

In the full swing you need your grip to provide as much range of movement in your wrists as possible to hinge the club on the way back and then again on the way through. This creates important speed and will also help you square the face through impact.

The game on the greens however comes with its own, different set of challenges. With putter in hand, clubhead speed is no longer an issue, leaving your control over the face and path alone determining how successful you are. If your grip allows for a full range of motion in your wrists, it stands to reason that the path of your putting stroke will struggle to repeat reliably. This was the thinking that has sparked a new putter grip and method from the team at BJM Putter Grips. By examining the biomechanics of the stroke, could they find a different technique that would allow golfers to effectively ‘lock off’ their wrists and find more consistency?

The traditional technique for holding a putter involves the palms of your hands facing each other. However, if your palms are facing upwards, with your elbows tucked into your side, your wrists become far less mobile.

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The Kotahi putter grip has been designed to compliment this technique. There are two versions – a shorter fatter one and a more ‘traditional’ undersized option. Both are triangular in shape to encourage your palms to sit on the underside of the shaft.

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Kotahi Putter Grip And Method - GM Verdict

As soon as you turn your palms upwards and tuck your elbows into your midriff, you notice how the movement in your wrists is restricted. Of course, at first it felt strange but the more putts we hit, the more comfortable it felt. We used a TOMI putting system (a piece of technology that measures the mechanics of the stroke) and were impressed to see an improvement in consistency right at the start of the session. The thinking behind the Kotahi putter grip certainly makes sense and we thought this was an interesting and viable alternative to a traditional putting grip, that could potentially make a big difference to your game on the greens.

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Kotahi Putter Grip And Method - How It Works

1 Stand upright, with your feet shoulders width apart and hold the putter in your bottom hand. With your left palm facing upwards, move it under the top of the grip and wrap your fingers round for a secure hold.

3 Now take your bottom hand off and repeat the same process so that both palms are pointing at the sky. You should notice how your elbows have been pulled into your midriff.

4 Now let the putter head drop slightly under its’ own weight.

5 Once in this position, hinge your upper body over the ball by bending at the hips and allow your knees to flex so you find an athletic, comfortable address position.

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