Need to improve your ball striking? GM Top 25 coach John Jacobs can help...

3 Simple Golf Ball Striking Tips

Want to strike the ball cleaner?

These three simple ball striking tips from Golf Monthly Top 25 coach John Jacobs should be of great help…

1  A simple sheet of card – preferably laminated for durability – is an ideal prop if you tend to hit the ball heavy.

Set it in the ground behind the ball, as here, and focus on keeping the club close to it on your takeaway.

Golf Ball Striking Tips

This encourages a low, wide move away from the ball.

You must then miss the sheet at impact.

Golf Ball Striking Tips

You can vary how far behind the ball you place the sheet as your striking improves.

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2 Another simple exercise for heavy strikers is to think about shifting your right knee across towards the left at the top of the backswing.

This will improve your weight transfer and help shift the low point of your swing arc forward, which will boost your ball striking.

Practise this move first, as in the top photo, then try to incorporate it into your swing.

Golf Ball Striking Tips

It will feel very different if poor weight transfer has been holding your ball striking back.

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3 This drill using two alignment sticks is another great way to hone the wide, low takeaway and steeper angle of attack you need to strike the ball well.

Set the sticks as I have them here.

Your clubhead should follow the wider red stick more closely on the backswing and the closer green one as you come back into the ball.

See how distinct the two positions are.

Golf Ball Striking Tips

This drill highlights how different the backswing and downswing arcs should look and feel.

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Greenside ball striking tip:

Good striking is more about gently bruising the grass. You should be able to hit three shots from the exact same spot because you haven’t disturbed the turf.

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