On-course looseners

Personal trainer Josh Salzmann demonstrates four easy on course exercises

Don't let the fatigue or tension of a long or keenly-contested round affect you down the back nine. Stay loose and keep your swing smooth with these easy, do-anywhere stretches, as recommended by Josh Salzmann, Ernie Els's fitness trainer. For more about fitness, see Josh's website at truthaboutfitness.com.


How to do it: Stand holding a waist-height post or rail with your right hand for balance. Bring your left foot up behind you and pull it upwards with your left hand. Keep your shoulders, hips and standing foot aligned and your navel pulled back towards your spine, and feel the stretch in the front of your thigh. Hold for a count of 10 without bouncing and repeat on the other leg.


How to do it: Stand 2ft from a waist-high railing or wall and lift one leg up to rest on top of it. Keep your legs straight but knees slightly "soft". Pivot forward from the hips and reach forwards with both hands towards your upturned toes. Don't worry about touching your toes so much as feeling the stretch in your hamstring. Hold for 10 and swap legs.


How to do it: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart about 2ft away from a secure rail. Bend your knees, pivot forward at the hips and grasp the rail with both hands. Your head should be over your feet. Lean away from the bar and feel the stretch in your upper back and shoulders. Hold for 10.


How to do it: Stand with your back to a secure rail with your feet split for balance. Grasp the rail behind you with your hands about six inches apart. Step forward with one foot and straighten your arms, so that your upper body is leaning away from the

rail. You should feel the stretch in your pectorals and front of the shoulders. Hold for 10 seconds.

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