SQRDUP Golf has made it onto the Golf Monthly Tech 50 2019/20 list


Price: £179

Tech Talk

SQRDUP is an instructional golf laser designed to improve accuracy from tee to green and when putting. The plus-shaped device produces four powerful laser beams that provide perfectly straight alignment guides that will work for every club in the bag.  

Mounted on an adjustable tri-pod it can cast a beam from ground level up to several inches above the ground. This means you can aim one beam at a marker in the distance and use the other three beams to provide spot-on alignment guides for ball position, foot position, club face angle and takeaway. SQRDUP is battery powered and each charge gives up to four hours use.

Game Booster

Many amateur golfers struggle with their alignment and correcting it can often be the simplest way to eliminate a fault within the game. But determining correct alignment isn’t that easy – alignment sticks can be awkward and easily shifted during practice. SQRDUP takes the uncertainty out of alignment checking. You just flip the switch on the neat little device and four arrow straight beams provide clear guides for practice.

There are a number of ways you can use SQRDUP but some of the most useful are – by putting the device between the feet to check foot position, ball position and club face position; Or, behind the ball to create a target path and a swing path line; Or, on the putting green to check set up, as above, as well as the path of the putting stroke.

You can also check the position of your hands at address and the direction of your divots.

SQRDUP is easy to set up and use, and you know that it’s accurate, so it gives great confidence when you are practising. It’s portable, versatile and durable to boot, making this a very impressive training aid. Using the code GOLF MONTHLY at www.sqrdup.com will get you a 15% discount.