Live View Golf

The Live View Golf has made it onto the Golf Monthly Tech 50 2019/20 list

Live View Golf

The Live View Golf has made it onto the Golf Monthly Tech 50 2019/20 list because of how it lets golfers see their swing in real time

Live View Golf

Price – From £200

Tech Talk

It can be difficult to make a swing change when you can’t actually see the new and old position. Your coach can help, but we don’t all have access to a coach every time we practice.

It comes down to the stark differences between feel and real. You watch your swing over and over on a video and notice what you may or may not be doing wrong, but it is almost impossible to know what these errors feel like and more importantly, what the correct move feels like.

When you can feel a correct position, it makes it easier to repeat and ultimately, repetition it essential when trying to engrain a new motor skill or movement. Live View takes the guesswork out of the equation and allows the golfer to see the movement and position of their body and club in real time.

Simply position the camera at the desired angle then position your iPad on the floor in front of your ball. This allows you to look at your swing from a different angle while staying in your golf posture and therefore being able to rehearse certain moves in situ.

The app then displays what it sees – your swing – in real time. You can even draw circles and plane lines to highlight certain positions, capture video from it and even send them to your coach for analysis. The other great thing about Live View is that it’s portable, lightweight and easy to set up – you can attach it to your golf bag to achieve the desired height.

Game Booster

We like how you can continually adjust your swing until you see the positions you want to achieve. The live video creates a strong muscle memory for the correct swing movements.

When every practice swing is correct, your learning accelerates dramatically, and you gain a stronger sense for what the improved position feels like.

It’s simple to set up and golfers and coaches can now benefit from Live View Plus, which records in 60 frames per second for added detail and club positions at high speed and uses the latest WiFi technology to reduce frame errors and ensure all of your swing is captured.

Live View is an exceptional training tool and a must have for golfers looking to change their swing or engrain a repeatable action.

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