Gravity Grip has made it onto the Golf Monthly Tech 50 2019/20 list

Gravity Grip

Price: £20 upcharge

Tech Talk

First seen on Evnroll putters, the Gravity Grip is a deep V-shaped grip that incorporates an ultra-light 35 gram EVA foam body with a 70 gram 10” steel rod running the length of its lower section. Moving twice the grip’s structure weight directly below and ½” away from the shaft is designed to allow the hands to feel and maintain a square putter face through the entire hitting area, the aim being to eliminate face rotation at impact.

Adding the 15 gram outer wrap, the Gravity Grip has a total weight of an above average 120 grams. This allows for more weight in the putter head to generate a greater overall weight for increased stability and accuracy, while maintaining an ideal swing weight for optimum feel and distance control.

Game Booster

The grip is hugely important when putting. It’s the only connection the body has with the club and ensuring that connection is as good as it can be could make a big difference to your game.

Evnroll points out that if the putter face is just 1 degree out at impact, the ball will only just catch the edge of a hole 10 feet away, so where the hands are at that impact point is critical to ensure that face angle is square.

The weighting of this innovative grip definitely increases stability through the stroke and, thereby at impact, and it could help you achieve greater consistency with the flat stick. Tests have shown that it can dramatically reduce deviation in face angle.

The feel is excellent and it seems the hands and putter face are more in sync with one another which generates confidence, another thing crucial to solid putting. The Gravity Grip is a solid concept and testing shows it delivers on the objective of reducing deviation of the club face at impact. It’s certainly worth a try as less deviation means fewer missed putts.