The GolfBuddy VoiceX has made it onto the Golf Monthly Tech 50 2018/19 list

GolfBuddy VoiceX

Price: £149.99

Tech Talk

For golfers who like their GPS to act like a caddie, GolfBuddy’s VoiceX, which comes preloaded with over 38,000 courses, is the closest you can get.

As the name suggests, distances are delivered via audio, although the voice function can be turned off at the touch of a button, leaving yardages clearly displayed to the front, centre and back, as well as hazards.

GolfBuddy’s Dynamic Green View technology means golfers can be confident of having the exact yardage from wherever they are on the hole, even if that’s well off line.

With pinpoint yardages, golfers have a far better understanding of what club to use to attack the flag, or where to lay up and play safe, for example. Meanwhile, the shot distance measurement feature allows users to accurately gauge distance with each club to help understand shot selection.

GolfBuddy has made it possible for course data to be updated automatically and wirelessly through Over the Air (OTA) transmission. Users are also able to wirelessly synchronize courses via Bluetooth with GolfBuddy’s smartphone App.

The new ergonomic design will look good on a belt, hat or pocket, and with up to 11 hours battery life, your ‘caddie’ will keep on saving you shots all day long.

Game Booster

The voice function adds an extra bit of fun. An audio prompt can just reaffirm that yardage in the your mind to give total assurance of the correct yardage standing over a shot.

Many amateur golfers struggle to make significant improvements from 130 yards and in, sometimes because they simply lack sound distance judgement, but the VoiceX can help make a difference in this department.

Overall, having accurate distances will save shots and help all golfers, no what their skill level, to improve their proximity to the pin stats. Given how it can help lower your scores, its price point is also very attractive.