Golf Pride Align Grips

Golf Pride Align grips has made it onto the Golf Monthly Tech 50 2019/20 list

Golf Pride Align Grips

Golf Pride Align grips has made it onto the Golf Monthly Tech 50 2019/20 list

Golf Pride Align grips

Price varies

Tech Talk

Golf Pride’s Align grips feature a raised ridge with a micro-diamond texture that runs along the underside. This physical texture aids consistent hand placement and heightened clubface awareness, which will promote a square clubface both at address and impact.

The Align feature is available on the MCC and MCC Plus4 - an innovative hybrid grip combining rubber and cord for all-weather performance, (Plus 4 is larger on the lower hand.) It’s also available on Golf Pride’s classic Tour Velvet – the #1 Grip Model of pro golf and on ZGrip which combines a heavy cord texture throughout for moisture management.

Game Booster

The grip is the fundamental connection between golfer and golf club and making a solid, consistent grip is the starting point for playing solid and consistent golf.

Golf Pride’s Align grip provides clear and easy to feel feedback to ensure you are gripping the club in the same way each time you take a stick out of the bag.

Although this feature could be invaluable for newer golfers learning the ropes, helping them to find consistency between lessons, it’s also a great confidence booster for veteran players who may otherwise worry about their grip when they don’t need to. It just takes an element of uncertainty out of the game and, any time you can do that it’s good news.

A key feature of this grip is the fact it’s so unobtrusive, the ridge is there if you think about it but, if you’re gripping well and correctly, you won’t even notice it.

With different Align grip options to suit different tastes, there’s plenty of choice here. It’s ultimately the mix of simplicity, physical feedback and its benefits to such a wide range of players that makes the Align grip such an excellent piece of technology.

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