The good news is that we’re getting there. Only 48 hours to go pals. The even better, if slightly weird, news is that the Europeans are dancing their way to Friday’s start line.
At least according to Lee Westwood they are. “We had a good time in the team room last night, ” he said. “We did our own version of Strictly (Come Dancing) and apparently I’ve got great hips.”
Lee, who says he did the cha, cha, cha, was in fine form today. Bolstered by his victory partnering Luke Donald against Ian Poulter and Justin Rose – “their pockets are a lot lighter this morning” – is the most senior player on the good guys side these days or, as the USGA media bloke said “the most tenured”. Whatever, Westwood is a natural leader who now finds himself at the front of the pack.
Not that he thinks there is much leading that needs doing. “I can’t reember any kind of mood-changing speech by anyone really in the team room. if there was it would be by Jose-Maria but really it is all just common-sense. And holing a few putts helps as well. This is my eighth Ryder Cup and eighth different captain so I think I’ve experienced more than any other Ryder Cup player in history.
“I’ve seen eight different approaches, the way they do it right, the mistakes that are made – and everyone makes a mistake – so if I am asked my opinion then I’ll give it and, you know, it will be considered and come from a fair amount of background knowledge and experience.”
These pre-match days carry with them a slightly surreal quality. Everybody is trying to second-guess the pairings but, really, no-one knows anything although if Westwood and Donald don’t play together I shall be more than slightly surprised.
The crowds pour in – 40,000 of them – while four or five thousand walk on out to the course to watch some golf the majority queue endlessly to enter the retail facility here and do what Americans do best, spending thousands on shirts that have doubled in price because of a Ryder Cup logo.
It’s not enough to just have been here, you’ve got to wear something that tells everyone you meet that, yes, you’ve been here. The rest you give to friends and family who, though they haven’t been here, then pretend they have. Is it intelligent life? Not really.
What will be cool though will be the Gala Ball tonight that starts with what the official invite claims will be an “elegant dining experience”. Presumably this means we all sit up straight while eating and try to use the correct knife and fork. No burping is to be allowed.
Then Justin Timberlake is to introduce the teams apparently. This will happen while I take a comfort break I know will turn out to be avery long comfort break. But I’ll be back and ready for the really cool part of this elegant evening. This will occur when Chicago take the stage and transport me back to a happy place in the 1970s. Wish me luck.