At no other golf tournament does the man in the street play such a vocal part than at the Ryder Cup. In the modern era the fans are relied on; the camaraderie they create with the players makes them a welcome addition and part of the Ryder Cup script. And here, more than anywhere, the deafening – and at times tiring – cries are accepted rather than simply tolerated.

So on Thursday afternoon, just prior to the Cup’s opening ceremony, Golf Monthly kicked its way through the beer cans and garbage to handpick eight fans, four of the Stars & Stripes variety and four of the stars, and, well stars variety, to see where the cup is heading and what’s going to happen over the next three days…

Matthew Bircham, Birmingham, UK
This is going to be one of the best Ryder Cups, with two of the strongest teams. It’s Europe for me, by a couple of points. Donald top points scorer.

Drew Adams, Chicago, USA
Europe look so strong and a lot of their guys play over here. I think it will be very tight; of course I have to say the US. Woods is going to come good.

Chris Morley, London, UK

The golf course looks great but there is no rough, and I can see it becoming a bit crazy with lots of birdies. Tough one. US could sneak it.

Brian Birkech, San Diego, US

I like the look of both teams. The US has some monsters with the driver. The captains will play a huge part, but the US will snatch it.

Luca Menotti, Bari, Italy
Europe will do it, and Francesco Molinari will win it for them. Great golf course and the home support have been very friendly. It’s going to be such a great week.

Roger Samuels, Washington, US

Give us Rory and Tiger. Everyone wants to see that; the best two players in the world. Europe look good and they could win it. Is that unpatriotic?

Tom Parish, Brighton, UK
Where’s the rough? Golf courses are supposed to have rough! Should be a cracker. We’ve been saving for this for months and I know it will be worth the wait. Europe to win and win well I reckon.

Marty Woodage, Chicago, US

USA all the way! We have to win this thing. Europe has been the better side over the last few Ryder Cups but this is our year. There are great players on both sides. It’s going to be the best.