Product Overview


Mizuno MP-10 wedge


Price as reviewed:


Clubhouse Golf

Mizuno MP-10 wedge review

Loft options

50˚, 52˚, 56˚, 58˚, 60˚, 64˚


White Satin and RAW Black Satin

Key technology

Quad Cut technology in the groove design helps to improve spin on short pitch shots. The teardrop head has been made smaller, and combined with the sole grind it gives a variety of shot options. The White Satin finish is more durable, while the RAW Black Satin provides more spin

Will suit

Anyone who likes to play a wide range of short shots

Players who are confident with a compact head


An absolutely beautiful club with a head design that means accomplished short-game players can commit to any type of shot around the green. The black finish on the RAW Black Satin head does wear away quickly on the face and leaves a rusted look. While this does help to produce more spin it will not be visually pleasing to everyone. The best-looking wedge on 
the market is designed with a clever sole design that enables the loft to be manipulated for improved workability. The compact head and sole design give versatility, but will not suit anyone lacking confidence. (Tested by Paul O’Hagan & James Mason) PGA Pro verdict Neat and compact head, with a great feel off the face. The finish, however, was taken away within a few minutes of practising where the impact was, so it won’t look new for long – be warned! Control and spin around the greens were great, and I was able to play a multitude of different shots without a problem. I always firstly choose a wedge on its shape, and if it is pleasing to the eye regardless of how open the face is set. This is a wedge I would choose for that reason. (Tested by John Jacobs)