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S1 Pro trolley


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Clubhouse Golf

Key technology: Modelled on the S1 trolley, which remains in the line-up, the S1 Pro has additional features, such as a USB port, which can be used to charge your GPS or phone. An adjustable distance control can send the trolley three lengths, up to 45 metres. The aluminium frame has a simple folding system and quick-release wheels.

Will suit: Those after a mid-range trolley that looks smart and offers some handy extra functions.


The original S1 won the last Golf Monthly trolley test, thanks to impressive performance at an affordable price. The S1 Pro sits neatly between that model and the top-of-the-range S3 Pro. The distance control facility and USB port are useful extra touches, and if you're a golfer who would use these then the £50 premium over the S1 is money well spent. Compared to the S1, the styling is more futuristic, and certainly catches the eye, partly due to the new wheel design. The ergonomic handle feels comfortable, and the button design is an improvement over the S1. The trolley is very smooth and pulls up hills with ease.Currently, the original S1 is still one of the best value models on the market, particularly if you want a lithium battery but aren't bothered about any added extras. If you want all the trimmings, the screen design on the S3 Pro is superb and could be enough to tempt you into the higher price bracket. Test Team Rating Performance - 4/5 Visual appeal - 4/5 Innovation - 4/5 Value - 4/5 Overall - 4/5