PowaKaddy Touch

We review PowaKaddy's latest electric trolley that automatically adjusts to your walking pace

Golf Monthly Verdict

The Touch is an innovative alternative in the electric trolley market that golfers will enjoy. The lightweight frame and battery options combined with the modern styling and functionality make it an appealing prospect. Whether it's preferable to a conventionally operated, button-style electric trolley will vary from golfer to golfer.

Reasons to buy
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    On relatively flat terrain the Touch trolley is a joy to use. It's is quick and simple to assemble and get going. Once you learn to be gentle with the handle, many golfers will prefer how it adjusts to walking pace over a conventional electric trolley.

Reasons to avoid
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    Controlling the speed can be difficult initially, with too much force when travelling up or down hills creating jerky movements at times.

Golf Monthly Technical Editor Joel Tadman's PowaKaddy Touch review, a new 'touch 'n' go' electric trolley said to automatically adjust to your walking pace

Key Tech This new ‘touch n go’ trolley from PowaKaddy is designed to automatically adjust to your walking pace. The trolley comes with a two-year warranty; the lithium battery five years. It features new low profile deluxe wheels, a USB charging port and bungee straps with anti-pinch handles to keep your bag in place.

Styling The Touch boasts a modern, sleek look. Both the white frames work well visually with the eye-catching, signature yellow trim. New low-profile wheels, a rear diffuser and stylish, ambidextrous handle complete the cutting-edge look.

Battery The PowaKaddy Plug ‘N’ play lithium battery slides in effortlessly and removes the need for fiddly loose wires that look untidy and can be time consuming to connect up. At just 2kg, it’s extremely lightweight and compact. On a relatively flat course you’ll still have more than half charge left after 18 holes from a full charge. If you tend to play 36 holes in a day on more undulating terrain, the extended lithium battery will be worth the upgrade.

PowaKaddy Touch electric trolley

The PowaKaddy Touch electric trolley is still designed to fold down compactly

Chassis and Frame The chassis is made from a strong and lightweight engineering polymer, which makes it robust but easy to lift in and out of your car even with the battery connected. It is quick and simple to assemble and fold down thanks to its three-way folding mechanism, which is very user friendly and intuitive to grasp at the first attempt.

Operation Once turned on via a button underneath the control unit, a circular red LED light will flash on the display. Gently push the handle as you start walking, the console will slide in and the light will change to green. The further inwards you push the handle, the faster the trolley will move, matching your walking pace. As you slow down, the control unit will slide back out naturally, slowing the trolley in unison. To stop, you simply hold the handle and stop walking.

Steering This works in the same way as a normal electric trolley by twisting the direction with your hands. Be sure to remember to put the trolley in stand by mode using the button when stationary to eliminate the fear of bumping the handle with your hip and setting it off inadvertently.

PowaKaddy Touch electric trolley

The new PowaKaddy Touch electric trolley has an innovative handle that controls the trolley's pace

Features The touch control method is the trolley’s stand out feature but there is also a USB charging port for you to connect your smartphone or GPS device. Accessories like a GPS cradle or umbrella holder (sold separately) can be attached to the frame. The key lock base on PowaKaddy’s cart bag range eliminate any unwanted movement but standbags from any brand are secured well enough via the elasticated straps.

Ease of use This is one of the quickest and simplest trolleys to get going once you arrive in the car park. It takes time to adjust to the control system and how it differs to a conventional electric trolley, which will resume at the speed it was set to previously. But once you learn to be gentle when pushing the handle initially to resume walking after playing a shot. Once you’ve found your ideal walking pace, you can take your hand off and it will continue at the same speed.

Control The ambidextrous handle makes it just as easy to maneuver as a conventional electric trolley. Going down hills the movement can become a little jolty as the trolley adjusts to your new step pattern but providing you don’t tug or push forcefully on the control unit, you shouldn’t be inconvenienced.