Golf Monthly's PowaKaddy FW7s electric trolley review, the most feature-packed model with the new Freeway range for the gadget seeking golfer

Product Overview

Overall rating:

PowaKaddy FW7s electric trolley


  • Useful features that are easy to navigate, sturdy but lightweight frame and very long-lasting lithium battery that is simple to connect.


  • The colour screen could be easier to read, especially under sunlight.


PowaKaddy FW7s electric trolley


Price as reviewed:

£429.99 (lead acid battery, up to £629.99 extended range lithium battery)

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Key technology
Updates to the new Freeway series include low-profile wheels and chassis, new graphics and a new 3.5” widescreen colour display. The FW7s is the most advanced of the FW range and boasts a battery meter, calorie counter, shot measurement function as well as a host of other features.

PowaKaddy FW7 console
GM Review

The FW7s is a stunning piece of modern-day kit from every angle. The graphics and colours give it a cutting-edge look and feel while the colour screen enhances this further.

If you enjoy using a variety of features during a round, this is the model for you and they’re easy to navigate. Getting it in and out of your car isn’t a problem thanks to it being surprisingly lightweight and relatively compact when folded down. The assembly process is incredibly simple, clicking into place in just two swift movements, and the lightweight and compact Plug ‘n’ Play lithium battery slides in effortlessly.

We were impressed with how long the lithium battery lasts – after one round from a full charge the meter had barely moved and we’re confident you’d get 36 holes from one charge on a relatively flat course. It feels sturdy and stable, which improves with the key lock base on PowaKaddy’s own cart bags. Little details like the chrome bezel are the perfect finishing touches to what is a very smart and sophisticated electric trolley offering.


A sturdy, well-made electric trolley full of useful features that is sure to be a reliable companion out on the course.