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Motocaddy S3 Pro trolley


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The Motocaddy S3 Pro’s new features include a restyled ergonomic handle, sporty wheels, stylish frame colours and paint finishes. A new lost-ball timer is activated with the touch of a button and a series of discrete beeps are set off when five minutes are reached.

A round timer also allows users to check on the duration of the round at any point. It also has successful elements from the S3 Digital, including a USB charging port. A distance function sends the trolley on its own up to 60 yards.

The Motocaddy S3 Pro will suit anyone looking for a modern trolley with plenty of feature.

The changes made here are definitely improvements to Motocaddy’s premium offering. The new button and handle are particularly impressive. There is very little chance of you accidentally starting or stopping the trolley, something that occasionally happened on the S3 Digital. The five-minute clock isn’t essential, but is a nice addition and the round timer makes for interesting reading.


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A stylish trolley with a new, improved handle design. Easy to erect and compact when folded. Those who own a S3 Digital might struggle to justify the cost of an upgrade. PGA Pro verdict I'm a big fan! The Motocaddy S3 Pro still keeps many of the key features of the S3 Digital, including its easy-fold system and detailed display. It also features a new handle design incorporating a recessed switch that controls the speed and fits to the hand beautifully. As we have come to expect this trolley was smooth, reliable and quiet. I would recommend the lightweight Lithium version. I will be stocking this one. Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach John Jacobs