The Golf Monthly test team reviews Titleist's Scotty Cameron Select Fastback putter

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  • The Fastback head is a fantastic design as it provides the classic Scotty Cameron feel and weight, but with additional markings to make it easier to square the putter. The alignment lines running in both directions will particularly please those who haven’t had the confidence to use a compact Scotty Cameron model in the past, and ensure it’s easy to line the ball with the centre of the face and to line the putter on the intended target. A design that will particularly suit those with a slight arc or a straight-back-and-through stroke


  • Some will baulk at paying this price for a putter. The black finish from the previous generation will be missed by some


Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Fastback Putter


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Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Fastback Putter Key Technology: 

Classic Scotty Cameron milling, with a return to the recognisable silver-and-red colour combination. The Fastback is a modern mid-mallet with a single-bend shaft for players that want, or need, less arc in their stroke. A short blade and extended back allow the face to be thicker for a solid feel. Horizontal and vertical sight lines pop through from the sole for a clean look.

Will suit… Those players seeking impressive feel and improved alignment.


These beautiful looks entice you to believe that you’ll putt well, simply by using it, and that did prove to be the case. The way it sat at address and subsequently performed was impressive. The strike felt solid and controllable, and I really appreciated its balance and feel, particularly on putts from inside six feet. The Pistolero grip also gave this putter a great feel.