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Wilson Staff FG62 irons


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Clubhouse Golf

The compact muscle design features a slightly larger clubhead compared to Wilson Staff’s FG59 blade, but with a thinner top line and a wider, cambered sole and rounded leading edge. The lower-leading edge helps provide more ground interaction to help produce a consistent strike. The irons are named to mark the milestone of 61 Major victories in Wilson Staff‘s history.

The Wilson Staff FG62 irons will suit
 confident iron players looking to work the ball 
and/or players looking to produce a penetrating flight with plenty of run.



From the head shape to the graphics on the back of the club these are classic-looking clubs in every sense of the word. It was fascinating to compare the flight produced here compared to the other irons on test this month. It was lower and produced a lot more run on the ball. The weaker lofts meant they weren't as long as some of the game-improvement irons, but for confident ball-strikers looking to dial in their yardages, this is not necessarily a bad thing. A stunning looking blade that produces a penetrating flight  rarely seen in modern irons. Traditionalists will love the look. Poor strikes are severely punished with a reduction in length and accuracy. PGA Pro verdict A great-looking blade. I really like the finish and head shape. They are pretty to look down on at address and the feel was absolutely fantastic. The short irons also looked great and consistent to the shape and feel of the long irons. Top of the list for me in the blade market. An excellent product. (John Jacobs)