In this Titleist U505 Utility Iron review, Joel Tadman tests it out thoroughly and reports back on the performance and what golfers can expect

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Titleist U505 Utility Iron


  • Powerful off the face. Centred strikes are rewarded with a towering ball flight and carries comparable with a hybrid of the same loft.


  • Shiny rear section may be off putting for some.


Titleist U505 Utility Iron


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Titleist U505 Utility Iron Review

You may remember the previous two utility iron options from Titleist – the U500 and U510 – two very different-looking clubs that offered very different launch and flight characteristics.

For 2021, it is the T200 that satisfies the better player looking for a compact, workable utility iron with a penetrating flight while the new U505 provides the forgiveness and versatility a wider spectrum of players are looking for.

At address, there’s a lot of metal down behind the ball to help inspire confidence. It perhaps isn’t as bulbous as the outgoing U510 but it is certainly noticeably thicker than the T200.


Is shares many of the design features of the T300 iron, like Max Impact 2.0 and denser tungsten weights that help get the launch and spin exactly where it needs to be.

Make no mistake, this club packs some serious fire power, and well-struck shots are rewarded with a sensationally solid feel and a towering ball flight. The distance and flight window you experience will very much depend on the loft you choose (it comes in 16°, 18°, 20° and 22°) but it has the potential to fulfil a lot of important jobs, whether that’s a fairway finding shot off the tee or an approach shot into a par five.


We tested the 2-iron up against our TSi3 hybrid in the same loft (18°) and on well struck shots the carry distances were actually very similar, just under 220 yards, but we did see a bigger drop off on mishits with the U505 versus the hybrid. The U505 also flew a touch lower, only by about two yards though.

Even in the upcharge Graphite Design Tour AD-DI shaft, the performance wasn’t enough to justify replacing the hybrid, but it certainly pushed it all the way and any golfer that doesn’t get on with the look or performance of a hybrid is sure to be impressed by what the U505 has to offer.


The U505 is a very playable utility iron that looks surprisingly inviting to hit without looking overly clunky behind the ball. The feel is fantastic and the flight on offer can be tailored to suit your needs. Versatility is arguably its strongest suit, with competitive distance not far behind.