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Differences between the PING S56 irons and the old S57s are hard to spot. The top-line is as thin as the previous version, which better strikers will enjoy. But the hitting area is still generous for a blade.

The S56 irons offer a mixture of classic shape and modern graphics. Again, differences between this and the previous version are minimal, but the shelf appeal makes this a very aspirational iron.

Dynamic Gold and KBS Tour are the two steel options and PING’s TFC graphite shafts are available (£120 per club). The DG X100s we tested offered a controlled flight that didn’t spin too much.

PING offers a quality grip in the S56 with markings for your hands. During the custom-fit, PING measure the size of your hands and place tape under the grip to increase the size if needed.

A tungsten weight has been placed within the toe to add weight to the perimeter and improve forgiveness. The weight is shallower in the long irons to help deliver a higher ball flight.

On the back of the heads are two stabilising bars. These are close together in the long irons to improve distance, and further apart in the short irons for better distance-control.

RRP: £100.00 per iron

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From the middle of the face these feel silky smooth. At first we weren’t sure about the insert in the head, but the feel it helps to provide is excellent. They also make a solid, crisp sound at impact. After feedback from PING’s staff players, engineers have made real strides to improve the workability of the S56 irons. Indeed, this is where the new design really excels over the old S57s. As you would expect, the distance control on offer for the consistent ball-striker is superb. The overall distance control is more precise than Ping’s G15, or even i15 irons. 
Just like their predecessors, the S56s offer a very helpful element of forgiveness that doesn’t impact on the excellent feel 
or flight. They are more forgiving than they look. (Reviewed by Neil Tappin) PGA pro verdict The S56 features very simple and traditional looks that are easy to align and look great behind the ball. Ping’s ferrule design adds to the blade-like look. They are clearly aimed at the better player who is more interested in controlling their ball flight, as opposed to forgiveness. In saying this, the shallow cavity means they are still quite forgiving, if not a little daunting at address in the long irons. (Reviewed by John Jacobs)