Honma TWorld747 P Iron Review - Equipment editor Joel Tadman tests out Honma's new TWorld 747 P irons.

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Honma TWorld 747 P Iron


  • Combines a powerful feel with a relatively soft, muted sound and ample forgiveness for the improving player, especially on low-face impacts.


  • Didn't launch or flight the ball as high as we were expecting or hoping for. Pricey.


Honma TWorld747 P Iron


Price as reviewed:

£969.00 (six-piece set)

Clubhouse Golf

Honma TWorld747 P Iron Review

Legendary Japanese golf brand Honma have released a whole new range of clubs in 2019 known as the TWorld series. In this piece our equipment editor Joel Tadman tries out the TW747 P irons.

Key Technology

  • A 20g tungsten weight runs along the length of the sole to help launch the ball higher and also defend against common strikes low on the face.
  • A graphite dampener behind the face softens the sound and feel.
  • Although it is a cast iron, it is made from a similar metal to the one used in the TWorld747 range’s forged irons, which helps provide a softer feel.

GM Review

Honma might be better known for its forged, better-player irons, but don’t discount its 2019 game-improvement option.

The TWorld747 P offers something a little different in this category, most notably a thin topline combined with a very long blade length, which inspires confidence without looking especially cumbersome behind the golf ball.

With a 7-iron loft of 28.5°, it is clearly a set built for distance. It certainly delivered that, with carries regularly exceeding 185 yards.

Well-struck shots travel on a flat, piercing flight, despite the 20g tungsten weight in the sole said to assist with launch.

Some golfers with slower swing speeds might require a higher launch to get the ball sufficiently airborne, perhaps through added loft or a lighter, softer shaft via a fitting, although the mid-spin levels should help maintain good carry distance for these players with ample stopping power.

The stability of the head meant that off-centre hits held their line and in fact, the ball flights on all shots were very consistent. Wth so much clubface on show at address, confidence is certainly high over the ball and only very errant strikes led to a significant drop off in distance or accuracy.


Blending power and forgiveness with a soft feel is a winning formula that golfers of all abilities will enjoy, although the target player is the improving golfer still looking for help from an iron that doesn't look too oversized.