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Titleist 909H utility


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Clubhouse Golf

The size, shape, offset and centre of gravity location changes slightly depending on the loft of the hybrid. This helps to produce distinct ball flight, workability and trajectory differences. A longer face than previous Titleist models, the Titleist 909H utility provides more forgiveness and the steel face is designed to offer extra distance. This club should suit golfers who don’t want to see any offset in their hybrid, enjoy being able to work the ball, and are not intimidated by a smaller hybrid head.



Very much an evolution from the popular 585H, the 909H is still aimed at the better player who likes the smaller head size and being able to work the ball, but this model offers noticeably more forgiveness than its predecessor. The head sits very tight to the ground, which gives you confidence to play from tight fairway lies and good strikes are rewarded with a penetrating flight and excellent distance.