PXG 0311 XF GEN5 Hybrid Review

Our verdict on what is PXG's most forgiving hybrid, the 0311 XF GEN5

PXG 0311 XF GEN5 Hybrid Review
(Image credit: Scott Kramer)
Golf Monthly Verdict

The hybrids are seriously among the best on the market. They have a confidence-inspiring look, and make it easy to get the ball airborne, with the zip and distance you’re looking for.

Reasons to buy
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    There’s no learning curve with these – just step up and swing. The clubs do the rest.

Reasons to avoid
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    They’re pricey, and you may well want to buy several for your bag.

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PXG 0311 XF GEN5 Hybrid Review

XF in the name stands for extreme forgiveness. And that’s not just a sales pitch: the PXG 0311 XF GEN5 hybrids indeed fulfill the promise. The inviting look – small clubhead, deep and square-ish clubface, and clean aesthetics – is exactly what you want to see as you’re standing over the ball. On the sole, there are slight rails that help the club glide through turf, especially if you take a steeper attack angle as many of us do.

Expect that forgiveness to kick in on off-center hits, where you’ll find ball flight work its way back toward your target line. The mid-spin clubhead shape means it has a higher MOI than its predecessors for more stability. And for what it’s worth, the impact sound is nice and solid.

The sole also sports three weights – one 2.5-gram and two 10-gram ports. Their orientation helps dial in your preferred flight – in both horizontal and vertical terms. The hosel is also adjustable, letting you set the base loft up or down up to 1.5 degrees with a turn of the wrench. Speaking of, these are available in five base lofts, ranging from 19 to 31 degrees.

PXG 0311 XF GEN5 Hybrid

(Image credit: PXG Golf)

Like the matching fairway woods, the hybrids have a “Full Aluminum Vapor” carbon fiber crown that helps save critical mass, while stiffening the steel clubhead structure and reducing energy loss at impact. Harsh impact vibrations are dampened, which leads to soft-feeling shots – nearly every hit sounds and feels as if you pured it.

Each club also undergoes a precision robotic polishing process that ensures the bulge and roll radii are held to the tightest tolerances. In our testing, we found the hybrids to be a perfect and natural extension of the fairway woods, with respect to ball flight, performance, sound, feel and loft progression – both off a tee and the deck. Try one loft, and you may well want the entire set in your bag.

Scott Kramer

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