Joel Tadman puts the Cobra Radspeed hybrid through its paces to test how far it goes and how versatile it is on course.

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Cobra Radspeed Hybrid


  • Versatile, longer than most and therefore represents excellent value for money. The Baffler Rails make this a great hybrid to use out of awkward lies.


  • Not adjustable for loft.


Cobra Radspeed Hybrid


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Cobra Radspeed Hybrid Review

While the hybrid market is dominated with some very solid golf clubs this year, the Cobra Radspeed does a lot to stand out from the crowd thanks to its distance, versatility and value for money.

See how the Cobra Radspeed hybrid fared in our 2021 group test

The first thing we noticed when testing the Radspeed hybrid was how it looks at address.


It sets up really well behind the ball, is easy to align and you can see plenty of the face too, which inspires confidence for higher handicappers who might struggle to hit this sort of club off the deck.

Cobra’s legendary Baffler Rails are still present, but now they are hollow split rails which allows them to flex by up to 70 per cent more for some added ball speed.

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This is a unique and incredibly useful bit of technology that Cobra has been successfully implementing for generations of hybrids and makes the Radspeed as easy to hit on the fairway as it is out of an awkward lie in the rough.

The Radspeed comes with what Cobra has called Radial Weighting (RAD), where the weighted areas have been pushed further apart to produce the best ball speed and forgiveness combination.

We could feel the fast ball speeds during our testing and the Radspeed feels very hot and fast off the face, without feeling like it’s out of control.

The Radspeed hybrid also produced the most carry distance – the 19° loft carrying 221 yards on average – when compared to a number of the best golf hybrid clubs released this year.

The shaft of the Radspeed is slightly longer than the other hybrids we tested – which might account for the extra club head speed –  but this didn’t make it any harder to control and the extra few yards were very useful out on course.

Given the praise this Cobra Radspeed hybrid review has highlighted, it’s clear this represents excellent value for money – with an Arccos Smart grip as standard – and also offers excellent all round playability and genuine distance from multiple lines.


A very well rounded hybrid club from Cobra. Its versatility, distance and overall value for money make it an excellent all-round package and has to be on your shortlist if you're looking to invest in a new hybrid this year.