Product Overview


Sonocaddie V300 GPS


Price as reviewed:


Clubhouse Golf

The colour screen on the Sonocaddie V300 GPS gives overhead maps of every hole and can give distance readings from any point on the course. The unit can record locations for each shot and this information can be reviewed after the round. Reference 
points and hazards can be updated or corrected immediately.


The overhead maps were clear and informative. The unit gave plenty of information and it was easy to download courses and set up ready for play. There was a lot of reading from the guidebook needed in advance. A couple 
of hazards were incorrectly identified. 
Not Mac compatible. A practical and lightweight device that had all the functions I required - more than enough if you just want basic details. The overhead view was very useful. The only concern was that the unit identified one large bunker as a water hazard and at times I was worried it might detach itself from my bag due to the slightly flimsy clip-on. It also did not automatically update from hole to hole.