In this GolfBuddy aim W10 GPS watch review, Joel Tadman puts it to the test out on the course to see what the user experience is like

Product Overview

Overall rating:

GolfBuddy aim W10 GPS Watch


  • Easy to use straight out of the box and is comfortable to wear with versatile styling and a good level of features for the price.


  • Basic graphics displayed on quite a dim screen.


GolfBuddy aim W10 GPS Watch


Price as reviewed:


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GolfBuddy aim W10 GPS Watch Review

The GolfBuddy aim W10 comes in at a more than competitive price so we were keen to see what the user experience was like.

The first impressions are that it’s a touch bulky on your wrist but the overall design is pretty plain and neutral, making it a versatile choice for off-course wear if desired.

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With just the one button combined with the 1.3” colour touch screen, getting started and navigation is fairly self explanatory. It will only display distances once you reach the first tee, and will vibrate to let you know when it’s ready.

The front, middle and back distances are easy to read and update quickly. On this screen you can also see the hole number and par as well as your score. You then swipe in different directions to access the functions, which include hole maps and hazard lists.

In all honesty, the hole maps are a touch clunky, the screen is quite dim and there isn’t a moveable pointer that allows you to pick out specific points on a hole and see how far it is to it.

That said, the arcs that appear are both useful off the tee and when hitting into greens and you’re also able to move the pin position on the green for greater accuracy.

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The battery life proved to be long-lasting – you’re almost certain to get at least two round from it on a full charge and you can sync your score to the smartphone app for a deeper dive into your performance.

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If simplicity is what appeals to you, the aim W10 is a great option but the extra detail is there if you want it in certain situations. The display is a little basic but when you consider the modest price tag, it still offers good value for money.