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Callaway uPro GPS


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Clubhouse Golf

In terms of downloads, BasicMode options are free to use while ProMode options can be unlocked from 66p per course when bought as a bundle. Credits range from £4.95 for one course credit to £99.95 for 150 course credits. 

The uPro displays hi-resolution aerial photography of courses to display hazards, yardages and hole layouts. These overhead images are available when ProMode is activated on 
each specific course. It also allows golfers to check distances from any spot on the course. The BasicMode is free to use and gives distances to the front, centre and back of greens and hazards.

The Callaway uPro GPS should suit players who want distances from and to any point on the golf course and/or those looking for detailed overhead images.


One of the most robust and well-made units on the market, this felt extremely hard-wearing. In ProMode the decent screen comes into its own and the overhead images look excellent. There are more than enough yardages in ProMode to help you out but the option to find yardages from anywhere on the course is a nice touch. The unit is well-designed and easy to use. The overhead shots are particularly useful when playing courses for the first time. If you play a lot of courses and want to view them all in ProMode the price does add up. PGA Pro verdict The ProMode works well and 
it was useful to see a full -hole view. This would work very well for mapping out a round before you play. It took a while to automatically switch from one hole to the next and longer than some to download courses. The button design takes a little getting used to, but the set-up works very well (John Jacobs).