We test the three Cobra King Speedzone fairway woods, assessing the effectiveness of the split Baffler sole rails and CNC milled face.

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Cobra King Speedzone Fairways


  • Nice variety between the three models. Excellent turf interaction from the Baffler sole rails, boosting forgiveness through the turf.


  • In the stock shaft, the standard model didn't produce the carry distances we hoped for, hurt by quite high spin.


Cobra King Speedzone Fairway Woods


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Cobra King Speedzone Fairway Woods Review

Cobra has been a popular choice in this category for many years, mostly because of the effective Baffler rails on the sole that help to improve turf interaction.

These continue on the new King Speedzone models, but have been split and hollowed out in certain areas to assist with face flexing and speed while still preventing the leading edge from digging. They are also different depths depending on what model of the three you choose, be it the standard, tour or big tour.

We tested all three on a launch monitor and then off grass on a driving range and we love the clean strikes you can achieve, even with the ball sitting down slightly. It pops the ball up nicely, helping achieve longer carries when you were expecting the ball to come out flat.


From left-to-right, the Cobra King Speedzone Big Tour, Standard and Tour models at address

They have distinct looks too. The standard model is arguably most appealing visually behind the ball, given the tour model is especially compact at address, probably the smallest you’ll find on the market and not for the faint hearted.

The big tour is probably one of the biggest and with its stronger lofts is certainly better suited to hitting shots mostly off the tee when your driver is misbehaving. Because of its larger size (173cc), it produced the highest ball speed and distance of the three along with the lowest spin. In fact, it was the longest fairway wood of any on test with an average carry of 255 yards – very impressive.

The standard model averaged 243 yards in carry, even in a slightly lower 14.5° loft, hurt by the relatively high spin it produced at 3470 rpm. The tour model averaged 247 yards for us on a slightly lower flight.

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The tour model, with its forward CG, was also quite low spinning certainly the most workable. While it really flew out of the middle, it struggled on mishits to maintain carry distance and accuracy.

cobra-king-fairway-outdoor-webThe standard model will suit the majority, and although it spins a little more than most fairway woods, through a fitting they should be able to find a balance between flight and distance that works for them. Off-centre forgiveness also impressed, along with the forgiveness through the turf we’ve already spoken about.


This is a comprehensive fairway wood range from Cobra, with each model helping golfers achieve cleaner strikes and maximum distance. With the adjustable hosel, golfers can fine-tune the settings to achieve the ball flight they desire.