Golf Monthly's Cobra King F7 Fairway Wood Review by technical editor Joel Tadman using the Foresight Sports GC2 launch monitor at Red Tail Golf Club near Orlando

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Cobra King F7 Fairway Wood


  • Best-in-class shot-making versatility and ball-striking forgiveness.


  • Better players may prefer a shape that offers more workability.


Cobra King F7 Fairway Wood Review


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Cobra King F7 Fairway Wood Review

The King F7 fairway wood utilises Cobra’s iconic Baffler Rail System – progressive rail heights that are strategically engineered to be shallower in the 3-4 woods become thicker up into the 7-8 woods to assist launch and ball striking from every lie.

The front of the rails improve turf forgiveness while the back of the rails help the club glide out of the turf more smoothly. Our testing confirmed the positive effect the rails have on ball striking, especially when the ball is sitting down in the semi-rough.


The fact the King F7 fairway comes equipped with 20-gram and 3-gram adjustable weights means that golfers can tailor the ball flight to the situation they will most likely use the club out on the course.

If you tend to use your fairway wood mostly off the tee, you’ll probably prefer having the heavier weight at the front to reduce spin and increase overall distance.

If you envisage you’ll use it mostly from the fairway, and thus take full advantage of the excellent rail technology, then you may want the heavier weight back to increase launch, spin and overall stopping power on the green.

Cobra king F7 fairway-2

We tested a 14.5° model off the deck on the grass range at Red Tail Golf Club with new, two-piece range balls. The fact we were hitting from grass, using range balls and had the heavy weight in the back setting (the setting we’d opt for as this club really comes into its own hitting into greens) means the data isn’t directly comparable with other fairway wood reviews we’ve done recently, like the new TaylorMade M1 fairway and the Callaway Big Bertha Epic fairways, but in spite of the testing environment the King F7 performed admirably.

You can also dial in your ball flight and distance using the adjustable loft on the hosel, making it one of the most versatile fairway woods on the market.

The average carry was 230 yards – more than respectable – while launch and spin also provided a nice combination of distance, a strong trajectory and stopping power.



You’ll struggle to find a more versatile fairway wood than the Cobra King F7. The adjustability lets you create the carry distance and ball flight you want while the sole rails improve the performance from the rough where other fairway woods will struggle. No question, this is one of the best fairway woods on the market.