Product Overview


Cleveland Mashie fairway wood


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Clubhouse Golf

Key technology:

A rail design on the sole of the Mashie fairway wood is designed to aid performance from rough, tee, sand or fairway. A lightweight shaft and grip combine to increase swing speed and improve distance. The rugged, bulletproof finish on the crown gives a retro

look at address.

Will suit: Anyone seeking added distance from the fairway or another driving option.


GM verdict: This classic-looking head design is part of an eye-catching range from Cleveland and the brand should be applauded for doing things differently. Lightweight and longer shafts produce added distance in fairway woods, but this often comes at the expense of some control. This isn’t the case here, and the overall weight of the club feels great, producing plenty of distance, but also impressive forgiveness. The shape of the head seems to cut through the turf and works well from both tight lies and lush grass. The retro look of the head won’t date nearly as quickly as a lot of other fairway woods. But... the unusual finish on the crown won’t appeal to everyone, and it can produce more glare than some of the matte designs on sunny days. PGA pro verdict: A finish that will provoke a mixed reaction and won’t suit all tastes, but I liked it and it was an impressive performer. The deep face and roll bars on the sole combine to make it brilliant for getting out of tricky lies. The flight was powerful, and I felt that the lightweight shaft really helped boost distance. Test Team Rating: Performance: 5/5 Visual appeal: 3.5/5 Innovation: 4/5 Value: 4/5 Overall: 4/5