In this Wilson Staff Launch Pad driver review, Joel Tadman tests it out on the course to see if it has the potential to overcome your slice

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Wilson Staff Launch Pad Driver


  • Easy to hit with a high, draw-biased ball flight. Has ample off-centre forgiveness and offers excellent value.


  • No adjustability. Unusual address looks may put off some golfers.


Wilson Staff Launch Pad Driver


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Wilson Staff Launch Pad Driver Review

Everything about the Wilson Staff Launch Pad driver has been designed to combat a slice and in turn increase distance by achieving a straighter, stronger ball flight.

It does this in a host of ways, including a more upright lie angle and significant heel weighting to encourage the clubface to return to square at impact.

Wilson Staff Launch Pad Driver

Behind the ball, there’s a lot of loft on show, which will certainly encourage those golfers whose shots seem to fall out of the sky too early, and the clubface does naturally want to point to the left.

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The slightly offset face doesn’t look the best, but it’s just another way golfers with a slice can start the ball on a straighter start line.

The first thing you notice when you make your first swing is the lightweight feel. The total weight of the club is 272 grams with the shaft weighing just 55 grams. For many, this will help them swing the driver faster but for some, it may have the opposite effect and also reduce control of the club face through impact.

That said, we found this driver very easy to hit and as a natural drawer of the ball, almost impossible to fade. The ball flight was noticeably higher than most other drivers on the market, which will be music to the ears of slower swingers that struggle to maximise carry distance.

It was forgiving too, with mishits producing a similar ball flight with only small reductions in carry distance. It has quite a loud, metallic sound to it too, which we actually quite enjoyed and certainly lets you know when a ball has been struck solidly.


This is a fun driver to hit because of how user-friendly it is. Slicers should definitely see their right miss reduce and carry distances increase, especially if the lightweight construction has a benefit on clubhead speed, and the price point means there's excellent value for money to be had.