Stop Slicing Drill - This Will Kill Your Slice

GM Top 25 Coach Alistair Davies has this superb drill to help kill your slice

GM Top 25 Coach Alistair Davies has this superb drill to help kill your slice

Stop Slicing Drill - This Will Kill Your Slice

Here’s one of my favourite drills that helps you understand the slice and how swing path plays such a big part

1 This drill can work wonders for those who struggle with a slice.

It encourages a more in-to-out path.

Put a tee peg level with your laces on your back foot.

Take your backswing as normal and on the way down try to hit the tee peg away in the direction shown.

What you’re doing here is changing the journey of the club; making that plane shift and coming from the inside on the way down.

After a few swings, and with those thoughts and feelings, hit some balls.

Hopefully you’ll start to straighten out that shape.

You may even start to groove a slight draw.

2 A slice can result from the trail shoulder moving out towards the ball.

Professionals have a tendency for the trail shoulder to move a touch backwards and away from the ball in the early extension.

This is important in that it encourages a slight side-bend to the right, which in turn helps shallow the shaft to get the correct direction of path through the impact zone.

3 I also see a number of amateurs slice the ball because their hands are working on a vertical line.

From there, the shaft tends to come down on top and across the ball, which applies that destructive left-to-right spin.

I like to see the hands moving out and away a fraction, so the centre of mass of the shaft drops down in more of a horizontal fashion.

More slicing tips -

Caution: The drill opposite promotes what we’re talking about here. However, you must be aware it works in the extreme and can make you too much ‘in to out’.

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Alistair Davies
Top 50 Coach

Location: Forest of Arden Marriott Hotel & Country Club

Alistair is Director Of Coaching Hit Golf Academy, based at the Forest of Arden in Birmingham. He has coached numerous county squads, including Staffordshire, Warwickshire and Derby.


Former Academy Coach Wales South West Squad

Performance Director Midland Performance Golf Academy

Birmingham University Head Coach

Solihull College AASE England Programme Coach

Greatest teaching success story:

Ben Russell's best round was 126 when he first came to me. Within a year he shot 65 gross; within three he'd achieved a playing handicap of plus 2; and within five years he was playing full time on the mini tours. Now Ben is a fully qualified PGA professional. I was absolutely delighted to play a part in his development and journey.

Typical lesson:

It all starts with the player - their goals. This is followed by an assessment or evidence gathering exercise. I watch them hit balls, assess ball flight, movement, gather video and collect TrackMan data. Firstly, we discuss the good bits and the opportunities for growth. Then, I challenge them to make changes, if appropriate, and I try to match their learning style to support their journey to better.