Golf Monthly's test team reviews the TaylorMade SLDR Mini driver.

Product Overview

Overall rating:


  • This is a great option for those who currently don’t have a club they’re confident with off the tee. It sits right between a driver and a fairway wood in terms of the look at address, the flight on offer, and the distance it produces. Compared to a standard fairway wood, it looks more appealing behind a ball on a tee peg. Accomplished ball strikers will also find impressive distance and control when hitting from the fairway.


  • For many golfers, the large-headed driver will still be the most forgiving and confidence-inspiring club in the bag. Most players will struggle with this design off the fairway, so you need to consider carefully where it would fit in your bag.


TaylorMade SLDR Mini Driver


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TaylorMade SLDR Mini driver

Key technology

A 260cc head (the maximum size for a driver being 460cc) is coupled to a 43.5-inch shaft, two inches shorter than the standard SLDR. TaylorMade research has revealed that a high percentage of players hit their fairway wood off the tee more often than from the fairway. A low and forward centre of gravity keeps spin down, while TaylorMade’s Speed Pocket improves forgiveness.

Will suit

Players that struggle with a driver off the tee.


This powerful mini driver will help those looking for accuracy and consistency from the tee, and anyone after a powerful option from the fairway. Its performance was awesome, giving a solid, consistent flight and manoeuvrability. It’s great from the tee on tight drives, and from the fairway to reach those long par 5s. The head design and graphics are very appealing.