In this Mizuno ST-X driver review, Neil Tappin tests and compares the new ST-X model to see if the performance improves on the impressive ST200

Product Overview

Overall rating:

Mizuno ST-X Driver


  • The modern aesthetics and classic shape combine with a great feel and solid all round performance.


  • Minimal gains over the previous generation. Some may find the compact profile at address intimidating.


Mizuno ST-X Driver


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Mizuno ST-X Driver Review

We were very impressed with last year’s ST200 models, which became some of the most underrated drivers given the performance and appealing price point.

For 2021, its driver designs have been refined but how did the Mizuno ST-X driver perform and should you consider putting one of these in the bag? 

Mizuno ST drivers at address

How the Mizuno ST-X driver (left) and ST-Z driver look at address

The ST-X drivers looks great behind the ball, sits nice and square and has a smaller profile than the ST-Z driver that the better player will enjoy looking down on.

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Putting the differences between generations to one side, these Mizuno drivers look superb and strike a fine balance between modern, cutting-edge aesthetics and classic shaping.

The feel of the ST-X driver is fantastic – solid and explosive from a wide area, it really does encourage feelings of power and the distance we created backs this up.

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In terms of the SkyTrak launch monitor data, as the numbers below show, there really wasn’t much to choose between the two new models and the ST200 G from 2020. 

Mizuno ST drivers data

Of the three drivers we tested, the new Mizuno ST-X was our favourite. Whether this was down to the more compact shape (which we preferred) or the draw bias is hard to say. What was clear during our testing however was that it delivered the most consistent results with short after shot finding the fairway. This added consistency also translated to a few extra yards.

Mizuno ST-X testing

We found the ST-X driver a little easier to turn over from right-to-left, which will certainly please golfers that struggle with a miss to the right and should help eliminated one side of the golf course.

The ST-X driver might not represent a huge year-on-year leap forward for Mizuno but they build on what was already a very strong, and arguably underrated, offering. The overall combination of looks, feel and performance make them a worthy contender for anyone on the search for a new driver.


With the ST range, Mizuno has created two excellent drivers, but the draw-biased flight of the ST-X will arguably have broader appeal. This is the longest Mizuno driver we've tested to date, so is certainly worthy of consideration.