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  • This driver combines stylish looks with excellent height and shape within the flight of the ball.


Big Ben CS3


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Clubhouse Golf

Deep grey 420cc titanium head with choice of three fixed weight cartridge options. Three factory fixed weights allow 23g of discretionary weight to be located optimally for your game and swing. You can buy the C-S3 in three different versions to facilitate draw, neutral or fade biases as required. The hotness of the face is designed to perform right up to the 2008 legal maximum.


Beautiful looks, shape and feel off the face. We hit the draw bias model which set up well for us. We felt we could really go after this with little fear of losing it left big-time other than via the most frenetic of ill-timed lunges. Excellent flight height and shape. Long and very good, delivering the consistent, controlled draw we've been after for a while.