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Wilson Staff FG Tour X golf ball


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The Wilson Staff FG Tour X golf ball has been designed for those with a higher-than-average swing speed. The new FG X Tour ball features a firmer cover than the original FG Tour ball. This should help keep spin down for added distance off the tee without sacrificing feel.

The Wilson Staff FG Tour X golf ball will suit fast swingers who want a ?low-spinning ball

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This urethane ball comes in with a slightly cheaper RRP than most premium offerings. The Wilson Staff Tour FG X golf ball is also noticeably longer than the softer original FG Tour. The drawback to this is that it didn?t feel as soft off the putter face compared to the standard FG Tour. PGA Pro verdict The Wilson Staff FG Tour X is a great golf ball from the tee and around the green. I liked the feel off the putter which was slightly harder than expected, but helped me to be positive with putts. I was also able to shape my long shots easily. Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach John Jacobs