Volvik Marvel Golf Balls

Review of the Volvik Marvel Golf Balls

Volvik Marvel Golf Ball
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Golf Monthly Verdict

With the idea of getting youngsters excited about playing golf, we absolutely loved this product. It worked too. There is a range of characters and colours to choose from and this well-made golf ball is a solid performer from tee-to-green.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Fun colours and characters. Solid performance through the bag. Finish was impressively durable.

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Firm feel off the putter face. Darker, purple matte colouring is quite hard to see, especially in fading light.

In this Volvik Marvel Golf Balls review, we take the Black Panther model out onto the golf course to see whether the performance matches the eye-catching design

Volvik Marvel Golf Balls Review

For those golfers after a ball that has a more distinctive look than the traditional white, the options on the market today are vast. Each of the major golf ball brands now has options in this department but when it comes to colour, the Volvik Marvel golf ball stands out from the crowd.

First and foremost, there are a range of Marvel characters to choose from including Iron Man, Thor, Hulk and Black Panther. They all come with a matte finish, Marvel logo and a symbol associated with the chosen character. 

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Having seen them on display at my local golf store, I purchased a Black Panther 4-pack at the request of my 8 year-old son. He loved the combination of the Marvel character and the purple colouring.

Volvik golf ball testing

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At £19.99, the Volvik Marvel golf ball is not a budget purchase but as a golf gift for a fan of any of these characters, this is a real winner. 

The performance in the long game was solid. Younger golfers in particular will enjoy the strong ball flight and impressive overall distance. 

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The feel on and around the greens is at the firmer end of the spectrum but in the wet underfoot conditions we played in, this was no bad thing. As you’d expect, the roll of the ball was true and we were impressed by how durable it was. After 9-holes of golf, the various logos remained perfectly intact.

Marvel golf ball address

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Our only negative point about the Volvik Marvel golf ball would be about the darker shade of matte purple used on the Black Panther model. In anything other than bright sunlight, the option we tested would be hard to spot, especially for any golfers consistently hitting the ball over 200 yards. In future, we’d go for a brighter yellow (Thor) or green (Hulk). 

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Overall, this was a minor issue and was easily outweighed by the added excitement it gave to our round of golf. If our experience is anything to go by, this is an ideal gift for any golfing Marvel fan!