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NXT Tour and NXT Tour S balls


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Clubhouse Golf

Key technology

Both the NXT Tour and NXT Tour S are designed to provide low spin on shots with long clubs as well as control on approach shots with a soft feel. The NXT Tour S has a softer compression compared to the NXT Tour, which should provide a softer feel. Both balls feature a new dimple design to help produce a piercing trajectory on long shots.

Will suit: anyone after a performance ball without the added cost of a Urethane cover.


GM verdict: The NXT has always been an impressive performer at a price point that sits below the premium offerings, which feature Urethane covers. The new version is also excellent and the NXT Tour S is a brand new design that blew us away. The performance off the tee on long shots was similar to the NXT Tour, but the feeling off the putter face was excellent. We would struggle to tell the difference between this and a Urethane cover when putting. With yellow balls becoming more accepted the high-optic offering impressed when playing at dusk. But... if you can justify the extra cost per dozen, the Pro V1 will offer better control on delicate shots around the green. PGA Pro verdict: There were noticeable differences between these two balls, but both produced low spin off the tee and plenty of distance. They will both suit a wide range of handicap golfers but the NXT Tour S will work well for those who like a little more spin around the greens and soft feel off the putter face. I got a little bit of extra distance with the NXT Tour off the tee and a slightly more penetrating flight with my irons. I hadn?t tried a yellow ball for years, but the NXT Tour S yellow was excellent. Performance: 4.5/5 Visual appeal: 4/5 Innovation: 4/5 Value: 5/5 Overall: 4.5/5