Mizuno RB566 Ball Review

Our verdict on the Mizuno RB566 ball promising more hang time

Mizuno RB566 Ball Review
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Golf Monthly Verdict

The Mizuno RB566 does what it says on the sleeve. It stays in the air longer and flies higher. Its innovative 566 micro dimple design looks unusual but is aerodynamically sound. This ball will help any golfer who struggles to get the ball in the air and wants more carry in the long game.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    This ball launches and flies higher than most

  • +

    Excellent short game feel

  • +

    Great value

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Better players may find it too soft

  • -

    Better suited to cold weather golf

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Mizuno RB566 Ball Review

In this Mizuno RB566 golf ball review, I tested it on the golf course, practice range and short game area to check out Mizuno’s next generation soft compression golf ball.

First off, the Mizuno RB566 comes in a beautiful deep blue box emblazoned with the Japanese company’s iconic RunBird logo. Unboxing the ball was a surprise. They look completely different to any ball I’ve seen before. Each dimple looks to be surrounded by tiny micro dimples as if it’s been pin pricked hundreds of times.

This design inspired the ball’s name. Mizuno says there are 566 dimples in its innovative micro-dimple design which helps to delay the rate of descent past the apex of the flight and produce more distance. Combined with a larger, high-energy core, this reduces driver spin and increases launch for a more efficient ball flight, balanced performance and more hang time.

Mizuno RB566 golf ball and golf club

(Image credit: Matthew Moore)

In a straight test of 10 seven-irons against some of the best mid-price golf balls, the Mizuno RB566 launched slightly higher and reached a higher peak flight. They flew equally as far as competitor balls but weren’t noticeably longer.

With driver, on course and on the range, I noticed a significant change in ball flight. The RB566 flew high and straight, with less right to left shape. It’s fair to say it straightened my ball flight and gave me the confidence to swing more freely.

Around the green, this ball comes off the face with a nice soft click and has a responsive feel. It grabbed quickly on mid-range pitches and full wedge shots but released more on shorter chips.

Mizuno RB566 golf balls

(Image credit: Matthew Moore)

The ionomer cover is super soft and after 18-holes the ball looked bright, suggesting a good level of durability. Looks wise, it’s smart and the blue number and logo stand out on the tee and putting green.

The extra flight and carry you get with this ball would make it an excellent option in Autumn and Winter when ground conditions are softer. It’s also available in yellow and orange colors, which are easier to find among the rough, leaves and mud.

Overall the performance from this ball led to us also including it in our guides on the best golf balls for seniors, and the best golf balls for slow swing speeds.

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