Oscar Jacobson Warwick Merino Zip Neck Sweater Review

Our verdict on the Oscar Jacobson Warwick Merino Zip Neck Sweater

Oscar Jacobson Warwick Merino Zip Neck Sweater Review
(Image credit: Alex Narey)
Golf Monthly Verdict

A great addition for your winter wardrobe. This Merino wool sweater is both comfortable and eye-catching. Its slim-fit look means you can wear it both as a top layer as the zip - when fully closed - gives a snug fit around the neck, and for the really cold days it doesn't feel bulky underneath a jacket or body warmer.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    It's a great cut that offers a slim look and feel

  • +

    Neck zip sits snug giving extra warmth

  • +

    Can be worn both on the course and off

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Wool does crease a little easier than more contemporary tech fabrics - so you can't just chuck it in your golf bag!

I loved the feel and look of this jumper immediately. I can sometimes find my sizing sits between a large and an extra large in some brands, but the large option proved the perfect fit for me (I am 6ft 1 inch and of fairly average build).

The high-quality Zegna Baruffa Italian feels and looks very premium, with the Oscar Jacobson pin logo (I chose the dark grey option) adding to the jumper's minimalist look - something I personally like.

Oscar Jacobson Warwick Merino Wool

(Image credit: Alex Narey)

The great thing about this jumper is that you can wear it as a top layer garment - so when the weather is crisp and dry with no threat of rain - with an under layer or polo shirt underneath.

Or, should the weather take a turn for the worse, its slim fit will not feel bulky underneath a jacket. I personally like to wear a body-warmer jacket if the weather is not too harsh, and the Oscar Jacobson Warwick Merino Neck Zip didn't feel restrictive while offering great levels of comfort.

So you have versatility.

Wool does, of course, demand greater levels of care and so it is not advisable to simply throw this in your golf bag should you get too hot on the course (it does crease quite easily), and of course if it rains you'll need to cover up. But in dry weather it is an absolute winner.

After several rounds and two hand washes, the jumper hadn't lost any of its shape (it was still a snug fit) and still felt as new as when I first tried it on.

Oscar Jacobsen Warwick Merino

(Image credit: Alex Narey)

The jumper is very well made and delivers a stylish look that you can also take off the course, whether in the clubhouse, at home or even out socially.

The neck zip gives it a sporty feel and when fully zipped up offers an extra layer of warmth around the neck - like a snood or scarf that will not put you off during your round.

Available in navy blue and royal blue, the Oscar Jacobson Warwick Merino Zip Neck serves as the perfect starting point when choosing your winter look for the fairways over the coming months.